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Marketing Solutions for Startups

A fractional CMO is a marketing executive serving businesses by leading strategy, sales development, and growth opportunities. A business would use them because they don't need to hire a full-time CMO or have someone managing its marketing department but still require expert guidance on how best to position their products in an increasingly competitive market.


Fractional CMOs offer the company a way to save money on salary while still receiving skilled consultation from seasoned marketing professionals. Companies often hire fractional CMO's when they need an experienced professional for short-term consulting or project management needs; this is instead of hiring someone full-time at higher rates which may not be needed long term which can cost more than $200k per year!

Fractional CMO Responsibilities

  • Develop both short and long-term marketing strategies.

  • Decide and commit to the most suitable marketing strategy for your trade, such as SEO, content marketing, paid advertising or podcasts, etc.

  • Resolve any marketing issues that will arise and need to be fixed immediately.

  • Inspire team members and manage the marketing department.

  • Hire new employees and expand your team’s skills to ensure success.

  • Work with outsourced agents and leverage their expertise.


As a Fractional CMO, the most important trait you possess is leadership.


Your job as leader of your organization’s marketing team will be to work closely with both the c-suite and onsite marketers.


This includes leading strategy sessions, overseeing tactics execution at all three levels (strategy, campaigns & content), and holds the accountability for delivering results that exceed budgeting guidelines set by senior management.



  • We help businesses turn their marketing campaigns into an expert strategies. We do this by providing leadership and expertise on how to reach the goals of your campaign in order to increase overall traffic, sales, or customer retention rates.

  • We can help you achieve your company’s objectives by utilizing metric-driven decision-making and our Fractional CMO proficiency.


A company requires a fractional CMO when it needs marketing leadership and expert strategic marketing skills from a CMO but does not require or cannot afford it full-time.

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